Answering the NFV Management Challenge

The industry shift towards virtual and software-based networking platforms has been gaining significant momentum lately. SDN and NFV have been billed as key technologies with the potential to make networks more flexible, scalable and easy to manage, whilst also producing CAPEX and OPEX optimisation. For telecommunications networks these technologies could help reduce costs and add new revenue-generating services. However despite widespread excitement and interest for these technologies, SDN and NFV still have a number of hurdles to overcome before enterprises embrace the technology.

This dedicated event will provide the perfect platform to:

  • Discuss how network operators and CSPs will transition to a virtualised and automated world
  • Hear end-user case studies on the successful management and orchestration of a virtualised network
  • Look at the role of management and orchestration in an evolving virtualised world
  • Examine and find answers to the NFV management challenges, including the dilemma posed by the network management and orchestration layer
  • Define what orchestration functionality VNFs need to run within the network
  • Discuss the importance of developing an orchestration platform that has the ability to unify multiple vendor offerings
  • Look at whether proprietary deployments lack the plug and play, and interoperability characteristic much desired by the industry
  • Debate whether open-source is the best option for developing a controller to manage the heterogeneous and interoperable virtual network
  • Learn from key industry vendors as to their intent with their product and their involvement with Open collaboration groups
  • Debating whether there is a need for a new OSS framework

The VNF Management & Orchestration event will bring together leading operators and solution innovators from across the globe. Our 30+ expert speakers will share their views and experiences in this forward thinking field.

With many enterprises searching for industry leading vendors of SDN and NFV as well as looking for vendors that can provide them with orchestration solutions, this event is the perfect time to bring together key leaders to discuss the next generation of virtualised networks.